Friday, March 9, 2012

Insta Friday

It's been a while since I've done this (or blogged at all, actually!) but here is a look at our week through Instagram!
Our little gymnast was promoted to the next level after only two classes! Jace was also moved to Kid's Gym 2!
For some reason these uploaded in weird order, but....
The kids had so much fun dressing up for Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out this week!
Those are the cutest Cowboy and Cowgirl I've ever seen :)
This weekend I am taking my baby stuff up to Warrenton for the Spring Antique Show! Here is a last minute item I'm working on! Stay tuned for the finished product!!
ok, here's the "out of order."
Since my little princess FINALLY has hair, we attempted french braids for Rodeo Day. 
This was one night after bath time when I was practicing! And she sat still and let me play with her hair! I love having a girl!
Happy Friday Everyone!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011-Part 2

EVENTUALLY I will post all of our Christmas pictures, I'm just not sure how many posts it will take :)
This was Christmas Morning!
Jace woke up at 7:30, pretty normal for him right now, but we made him wait until 8 to wake Bren up.
The first thing they wanted to do was check to see if the Reindeer ate their food we left out and if Santa ate the cookies! 
 Brenley got to open her gift from Santa first! 

 A Tinkerbell watch, just like she asked for!!
 And then Jace's turn!
 An Aggie helmet, jersey, and pants, just like he asked for!! I don't think he took them off for 3 days!
 Then the craziness began! Boxes and paper everywhere!!!

 A few months ago when the kids were with me at Hobby Lobby and Jace saw this A&M fleece. He told me he wanted a blanket made out of it. And Bren was quick to pick out a pink cupcake print and requested her own blanket. I decided it would be a great gift I could make for them! and they LOVED THEM more then I thought they would! They have slept with them every night! 
 After football season, Jake gave me this LONG speech about how he didn't want me to get him anything for Christmas, and that he just really appreciated me taking care of the kids and the house while he worked such long hours. Well of course I couldn't NOT get him something, but I really had him convinced that I didn't! :)
Look at that smile when I pulled out his gifts!
 AANNNNDDDD have I mentioned what a GREAT job he did in picking out my gift!! Yes that's a little BLUE box! 
Tiffany Earrings!
 Stocking time!
It was such  great morning Christmas season! The kids were just so into the holiday! The Christmas songs, the decorations, and the Christmas Story. They have several children's books about the Christmas story and the true meaning of Christmas and they would pick one out to read every night. I love these memories we are making! 
I am so looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011- Part 1

This Christmas we fit in as much family time as possible! Christmas Eve we had a late lunch with my mom's side of the the family. We had a traditional Christmas meal and it was DELICIOUS!  
Oh I just LOVE this little guy! I can't get enough of those cheeks!
Don't you just want to eat him up!!??
My sweet little Girly Girl!
Papaw and his little Cowboy's Fan!
When we were done there, we headed to my parent's house to have our "Little" Pimentel Christmas.
Last year we changed our Christmas Tradition and exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and it worked out again this year. 
The kids made cookies for Santa together! They all took turns adding ingredients and mixing the dough.
Greyson was in on the fun too!
And of course we had to make food for Santa's Reindeer!
Grandkids and Grand-dog! Gavin wasn't here this year, but thanks to technology, they were still apart of our family time through SKYPE!!
This boy LOVES his Mommy!
GIFT TIME!! This is when it gets CRAZY!
We sent Gavin's gifts to him the week before, so he was able to open his gifts with the kids too!
We were happy that they were able to be apart of our family time, but we still missed them REALLY being with us. But we are SO EXCITED that Gavin and Aimee will be home to visit in a few weeks!

Princess Bren was SO EXCITED about her new car!!
Stay tuned for Christmas Part 2!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving has always been my FAVORITE holiday! I just love everything about it! I love the family time. I love the Fall season. I love the GREAT FOOD! I love that it is a STRESS FREE holiday! And I just love the whole meaning of it. I love that it's a time where we stop and think about all that we have to be Thankful for.
Since Jake is SO busy in the fall, we don't get to see his family much after summer. If they have wanted to see him, they have had to come here...and go to his game... and get to talk to him for about 10 minutes after his game... you get it, he's busy!
Over the past few years Thanksgiving Break has been the first chance he has had to really spend time with his side of the family. THIS year he season wasn't over yet, but luckily, his family planned to have Thanksgiving in Houston! He had practice Thanksgiving morning, but we were still able to make it to his Uncle's house for Thanksgiving lunch!
We were SO HAPPY to see these girls! I think Easter was the last time we saw Elise and Mia.
 I am SO thankful for this little Turkey!
 Elise loving on her little cousin, Andrew.
 These three played football most of the afternoon! They were all born within 4 months and get along so great! 
 Vasquez Family Picture!
 Grandma with her Grand and Great Grand Children... that were there :)
 I am so Thankful for my Family!
I am thankful for a husband who works so hard. Who loves me with all of his heart and reminds me of that everyday. I am thankful to have him as my best friend and partner in life. 
I am thankful for such a sweet son who has the most tender heart. I am thankful for his sweet laid back nature and SO THANKFUL that he doesn't think he's too big to let Mommy love on him!
I am thankful for such a spirited baby girl. I am thankful she is my little buddy who loves all things girly! I am thankful for all of the smiles she brings with her wide vocabulary :)
I am so blessed and have so many reasons to be thankful, and I hope throughout the whole year I can remember to give thanks always!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

It's mid November and I am just now posting about Halloween! I am behind!!!
This was the first year Jace had a real opinion about what his costume was. He had several ideas and finally decided on a skeleton. A SKELETON!!??? What happened to the cute animal costumes?? So I was determined to find a somewhat cute, not at all scary skeleton costume! I think it worked out pretty well! But I think my little man is so cute no matter what he wears :)
And I really had fun with my girly girl! She was a Scarecrow, tutu style!

 We always go trick or treating in my parent's neighborhood. The whole neighborhood really gets into it! 
And of course the kids were so happy to have Greyson come too!

 I love seeing big brother take care of little sister! I hope there will be a lot more of this as they get older!
 Isn't he the cutest little dragon you've ever seen!!??
 About 3 houses into trick or treating Bren decided she needed to sample the goods along the way! It was not easy cutting her off!!
 We usually meet Ty and Hallie along the way and finish up together, and that is what we did again this year! Jace and Bren love theirs buddies, the Green Lantern  and the bride!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Papaw's Boys!

Over the past two weeks Brenley has been OUTNUMBERED! Gavin and Aimee were here for about 2 weeks and not only did we have so much fun loving on our sweet Gavinator, but Jace LOVED having a  buddy around! 
While they were here we celebrated this little guy's HALF BIRTHDAY!! It's something we started with my kids and just kept doing ;) 
I can't believe I've had these adorable cheeks to kiss for 6 months already! (I know he's not MINE, but I just love him so much! I mean, look at that adorable face!!)
 Jace and Gavin excited about CAKE!!

 My Dad got all of his boys Cowboys jerseys at the beginning of the season, so of course while Gavin was here we had to take pictures of them ready to cheer on their team! (or Papaw's team!)
I think Greyson had a talk with Uncle Jake about how football players don't smile in their pictures because he had his game face on! Gavin, on the other hand, pulls out the cutest squinty eyed, squishy nosed smile when you tell him to say "Cheese!" And I think Jace was just in a daze. He was ready to get back to his football game!

 Oh! A little smile for Greyson!

 I miss this little California kid already!

 Gavin giving Jace a pre game pep talk!
 And my guy is ALL FOOTBALL ALL OF THE TIME these days! He is his Father's son!
 There's that smile I love! I could just eat him up! 
I have lots more to catch up on! And don't worry, lots of pics of the princess will be included on the next post!